Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who's the sucker now?

Here is a pic of Sophie with her new paci while she fell asleep with Bink, her pink bear (Bill named him), between her legs!

Oh, that would be me! The whole pacifier thing is definitely NOT over. The first day I took it away for naps, she cried and cried. So after about 40 minutes of crying I decided to pierce it and give it back to her. The piercing had no effect, I don't even think she noticed. So, for night time after letting her cry I decided I would just snip off the top...clever me! However, right after I did that I was reading in one of my books not to snip them b/c they can become choking hazards. So I freaked out about giving it to her and what did I do next? Lucky for Sophie, I gave her a brand new pacifier. Do you see the word IDIOT across my forehead? Yeah, me too. After some time, I decided the snipped paci was probably just fine, and tried to give it back but she really wanted nothing to do with that one. So, here we are using a new one!

Thankfully I spoke with a mom yesterday who said that it took her about a month to get her 11 month old completely off the paci. That made me feel better about it and a little more relaxed. I think my goal is just to get her not using it during naps and then work on the night time. I'm not a hard core, cold turkey kind of gal apparently. :)

On a side note, here is a little clip of Sophie kind of pulling her self up, yay!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Suck it up

I've come to the conclusion that it is time to wean Sophie off of her pacifier. She's close to 10 months old now and I feel like if I don't do it now, I will never do it! I have plenty of excuses as to why it would be easier just to let her keep using it, but I have to be strong! She only uses it for sleeping (which you would think wouldn't be that bad) but, she wakes up in the middle of the night for it, not being able to find it, therefore whining... and guess who goes and gets it for her at 3 in the morning? That's right, mommy goes, and mommy doesn't like that. It has become a sleep prop. I just need some major encouragement (lots) to follow through!!! I'm planning on starting tomorrow so hopefully in a few days we'll have a good report :)

Tickle Me Sophie

Sophie loves getting tickled by Dada...

Monday, May 12, 2008

A great weekend

We had a great Mother's Day Weekend, full of family, fun, and food! Bill's parents came into town from Boston Friday night, and left early this morning. My mom and brother trekked in from Michigan Saturday afternoon, and hit the road mid afternoon on Sunday. It was great to celebrate with both Moms and to have the families here for Sophie's dedication. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired and lazy today :) but it was all worth it!

Sophie is no longer boycotting sitting (as you can see from the pic above), so that has been a nice relief. Yesterday afternoon she decided she would give it another try!! She is also clearly going through separation anxiety and what I like to call stranger syndrome. When Bill's mom got in the car next to her on Friday night, she started screaming and screamed all of the way home from the airport. It was a lovely drive. The entire weekend when anyone else tried to hold her or sometimes even come near her...she was not a fan! She did end up letting my mom and Bill's mom hold her some. Hopefully this is just a phase! Either way we are truly thankful to God for her, she really is a gift and is teaching us much about ourselves and the changes that can take place!

here are some more pics from our great weekend:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Sitting Boycott

No, I'm not referring to the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, I'm referring to Sophie. That's right, she is voluntarily abstaining from sitting. Uh huh. She has begun rolling over and is getting quite good at that, however, now she refuses to sit. When I try to put her down in a sitting position, she just arches her back and stiffens her legs...and will NOT sit. So her options are laying down or standing up. She has gotten to liking standing (with help of course). That is great, but I can't always be there to stand with her. I have things to do also, like write this blog for example :)

Hopefully there isn't something severely wrong with her. I think she really is just stubborn. Start praying for us now!!! On a brighter note, she does like to stand and here is a video of her doing a little of that. I'm sorry it's sideways. Not blog nor tech savvy am I.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008!

Ok, I have finally decided to start blogging instead of just being a blog-stalker. Now other people can stalk me :)
Really though, I thought this would be a neat way to share things that are happening in our life with others, for family members & friends to be able to see videos/pics of Sophie, and to read about what she is up to. And what Bill & I are up to as well, of course. Please bare with me as I am not quite blog-savvy yet.

So, what are we up to?
Well, we have been enjoying spring and can't wait for more and more nice weather. It has been fun to take Sophie outside. She loves the swings! We have our condo up for sale, and are hoping to eventually get a house. We are trying to be patient and we know that God obviously has it all worked out, but it is the element of time that we get to deal with on a day to day basis :)

And our little peanut...or should I say our big peanut (though that doesn't sound as cute)... She just had her 9 month check up today! She is measuring in the 90th percentile for everything. She isn't doing as well physically though. She just started rolling over 3 days ago...yep. And she has to really want something really bad in order to actually roll over for it. Otherwise, you can see it on her face, she won't do it and you can tell she is thinking "forget it, I don't want it that bad." The doctor wasn't overly concerned because she is doing most other things, he thinks she is just stubborn. But, we just have to keep an eye on her development and make her work extra hard to reach for things that she wants. This will take some perseverance on my part.

Ok, that is officially my first blog post :)