Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Blessings

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to blog about all of the wonderful blessings that God has provided lately, so here goes:

1. I only paid $2.28 for gas this morning!!! Pinch me.

2. I'm am feeling better, no more tissues glued to my nose, and no more chanting "Lord take me now!" I once told Bill that he made for a miserable sick person, but I was humbled because this time I realized I was so much worse.

3. I indulged in my favorite Halloween candies today: Candy corn and Reese's minis. Mmm, de-lish!

4. The house is looking and feeling clean again. I have to confess, for about a month now I have felt very behind in my housework from laundry to dusting to putting clothes away...I've been a mess. A praise to my sweet hubby for not complaining, and for vacuuming this weekend :)

5. Sophie is walking and showing major improvement with her feet. Over a month ago, the PT decided we needed more restrictive braces for her (right before she started walking) and from the moment we got them I hated them. They made her clumsy, they were huge and clunky...she didn't wear them very much. But praise God that after today's PT appointment she seems to be doing so much better and can go back to wearing the much nicer brace. And, we will only have to make a few more PT visits! Now if we could only get her to eat like a normal person....but that story does not fall in the blessing category so I will save it for another day .

So, I realize that these are not the most profound blessings, but they made me thankful and they made for a happy Monday.

And I leave you with some Monday morning hair:

Friday, October 24, 2008


Unfortunately, I'm not speaking about the kind of self discipline that motivates you right out of bed, gets you accomplishing everything that you need to do, all without anyone having to push you. I'm talking about punishing yourself for being a bad girl. Apparently, Sophie feels the need to reiterate to herself that she has been "bad". So, if she does something she isn't supposed to do (lets say nibble on a crayon - which is a new favorite) and I tell her no, and that doesn't work, I then give her chubby hand a little smack. She has picked up on this, and after I do it, she then proceeds to shake her head no as to agree with me that yes, she has been "bad" and goes on to tap her own hand. I guess my work is done here. I suppose I should let her handle the rest of the disciplining. If only she would listen and just stop the behavior in the first place...oh wouldn't that be nice...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh baby!

Oh baby is right. Bill & I are happy to announce we are expecting another little bundle of joy, due to arrive June 2nd. However, it is likely that we'll have a May baby thanks to a scheduled c-section. We are looking forward to the gift of another child, Lord willing.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm joining in!

This election surely is an important one, and so I urge everyone to be well informed:

This video is Obama himself speaking:

Obama on the bible:

Please, please, please carefully & prayerfully consider who you will vote for.

Also, please visit these blog postings:

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun on the Farm

This past weekend we enjoyed a trip to Benton Farms (just a few miles from our house)! They had a petting zoo, hay rides, and
a pumpkin patch. Sophie enjoyed the animals (especially Dave the goat) and loved picking out the pumpkin.

Sophie and Dave

Picking out our pumpkin

Sophie and her friend Josiah, or as she likes to call him "Ya Ya"

Friday, October 3, 2008

For the musically inclined

We don't have a record deal yet, but I think we're close. Just take a look and listen to Miss Sophie's first concert performance. Impromptu nonetheless - no previous preparation, no vocal coach...just pure loveliness straight from the mouth of the babe. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a lovely place

It really is. We just returned from being in Southern California for a family wedding. Bill's cousin Sean got married last weekend. Congratulations to Sean and Virginia!

We had a great time and enjoyed the many festivities that come with a beautiful wedding. The first of the festivities was a beach front rehearsal dinner equipped with a purely California theme (each table was named after a beach boys song - we sat at Kokomo).

The next night we enjoyed a dinner at Bill's Uncle's house. It was catered by Jerry's Dogs. If you find yourself in southern california, and you like hot dogs, you must -- i repeat -- you must go to Jerry's Dogs. Actually, even if you don't like hot dogs, you should still go. Absolutely delicious.

The wedding was of course spectacular. Unfortunately, I was not very click happy that day or really that weekend so I didn't take very many pictures, but here is one of Bill & Sophie at the wedding.

The next day we had a wonderful brunch at Uncle Roger's house again. Everything was just amazing.

Overall, Sophie did very well considering a 3 hour time change, lots of events, and lots of people around. That being said, she did not "perform" for anyone. Any time we asked her to say hi, give a kiss, wave, sing or do anything - she always rejected us by shaking her head no. As a matter of fact, there were often times when someone would just look at her and she would shake her head no at them for no reason at all. Terribly rude.

Some other highlights from our trip:

Fashion Island - the loveliest outdoor mall that I have ever been to. I often frequented there when I lived Newport Beach. This time our hotel was literally across the street, so I made many visits. They also have a beautiful carousel there, and our last evening we took Sophie on it. She loved every minute of it (and of course I didn't take any pictures of her on it)!

Seaside Bakery - It was so exciting for me to come back here. They have the best "butterfly" pastries. And the price has not gone up in 5 years!!! It is still $1.

Meeting Marley: We had the opportunity to meet up with friends who live in Huntington Beach and meet their 18 month old daughter for the first time. Marley was such a cutie pie and quite the little wrestler! Just barely 19lbs but she took down our 26 pounder plenty of times! Sophie was a good sport though and enjoyed Marley and her toys!

And I will leave you with the fantastic view from our hotel room: