Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Almost 3 months to the day after she started crawling, Sophie is now taking big girl steps all by herself! She started this last Thursday and has been more and more adventurous each day. Here is a little clip:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

Ok, here it is - the simple and delicious pumpkin pie recipe. I can't take the credit for it - it comes from Eagle Brand (they make condensed milk). They also have other amazing recipes such as Magic Cookie Bars...which are so delicious. Enjoy!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today was a day that reminded me to step back from the busyness of the urgent, and instead to pay attention!!! Example:
My friend, Crystal, was kind enough to watch Sophie for me today as I had a doctor's appointment. When I came back to her house we were just talking and hanging out and she got out a slide that Grant used to use when he was about Sophie's age. She said I could take it home with me for Sophie to use, and she also said "And you might just have to watch her and help her until she gets steady" and I of course said "oh yea, she definitely can't use it by herself"....

And then what happens? We are at home, the slide only made it half way into the dining room. Sophie naps for a couple of hours. The slide is still in somewhere between the kitchen (hard ceramic tile) and the dining room (carpet). Sophie wakes up. Mama leaves her just hanging out as usual in the living room by the toys. Mama goes to get Sophie milk in the kitchen. Sophie finds the slide. Tries to do who knows what. Mama ends up hearing some clunks...screams...find Sophie on the ceramic tile by the slide. Oops.

Thankfully, after about 45 seconds of the dramatic-I can't breathe-I'm going to turn blue cry, she settled down and was fine. Still, it didn't make me feel good as a parent. 2 lessons here: 1. Laziness (not putting the slide into a proper place) can create calamity. 2. Getting caught up in life's urgent details has its consequences too. I am thankful God uses these moments to teach me and bring me to the proper perspective on life's situations. Sigh. I will leave you with a picture of my little lady.

Monday, September 8, 2008

You know you're lazy when...

When you don't even want to blog! Ahh, I am slipping in frequency and creativity of my blogging. One of these days I'll try to post something with a little more substance or excitement...but for now, enjoy Sophie trying to say hi and have a bowel movement at the same time.

Am I a mean mommy or what? Thankfully she is too young to know or be embarassed!