Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week of Fun

Nana (Bill's mom) came to visit for the week. We had a great time with her! We miss her already. Here are some highlights from our week together:
Sophie in her new bathing suit from Nana:

Swimming with Nana!

I'm a little partial, but isn't she a doll?

Interrupting a delicious dinner on Father's day to play doctor :)

Best attempt at a family photo

Sophie enjoying an early birthday present: Table and chairs! (Thanks Nana, Papa & Aunt Joyce!)

Miss Claire - the little peanut is turning into a little chubs! She already weighs over 10lbs

Chocolate goodness! Nana treated us by making an amazing chocolate cake and tiramisu, neither of which we took any pictures :(

More fun at the pool

Last but not least, our new patio in the making! This was day 1, I will post some pics once it is complete and looking pretty :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crazy Girl

As I mentioned in the previous post, Sophie has been watching more TV lately...sigh. A new show that she has come to love is Wonder Pets. More than the show though -- I think she likes to sing the Wonder Pets song. And dance to it while she sings. She learned everything she knows about dancing and singing from her daddy :)

Here also is a picture of Sophie "sharing" her toys with Claire. Really, this entailed Sophie just toppling her toys on top of Claire, but she was very happy to give her toys to her little sister.

And last but not least, Sophie and her beloved friend Josiah after they finished puddle jumping in our backyard.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A little bit of what our lives have been like the past couple of weeks:

~ A lot more Elmo, Dora, Little People, Blue's name it. Sophie has gotten to watch a LOT more tv lately. This is what I call parenting lite. I hope it doesn't last too long!

~ A lot less sleep. Claire has been a pretty good sleeper, but lets be honest- sleep in 2.5 - 3 hour spurts just isn't the same as a full night's sleep. This has led to phrases like "Sophie come sit down for dinner" when it is really breakfast that is being served...along with mixing up names of people and places consistently.

~ No makeup. Sweats. Hair back. Hair greasy...but that is ok when you hang out in your house all day. The c-section recovery is going slower than hoped so I think we'll be at home for a while. This will be hard for me. Hoping not to go stir crazy.

~ Hiccups, spit up, lots of diaper changes. I forgot how frequently newborns poop. And how much laundry the little one brings.

~ And I think a phrase expected by the mom of newborn - - "we're done having kids". Maybe that will change when the newborn fog wears off....maybe.

~ Sisters. Sophie has been so sweet with Claire. She calls her "Caire" and wants to kiss her and pull on her little fingers. (Not sure what the fetish is with that). It has been a joy to have these 2 precious girls in our lives. Well, Elmo's world is almost over. I better finish blogging for now.