Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sophie has been asking if we can go to Disneyworld at least once a day lately.  I don't even think she fully knows what disneyworld is but she sure wants to go there.  Today our conversation went like this:

S: Can we go to disneyworld?  I really want to go to disneyworld right now.

Me: Well, we can't go right now because we have to take an airplane to get there.

S: Oh. Can we take an airplane tonight?

Me:  No, we can't.  Going to disneyworld takes time and planning.  It takes money.  We have to save up for something like that.

S:  Oh...then maybe tomorrow we can go.

Obviously the words time, planning, and money don't register in the mind of a  3 year old very well.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Respectable Sins

Those of you who read my blog might remember that I set out to read 6, that's right, a whopping 6 books this year.  :)  I just finished #4.  (I  do really want to get all 6 in and realize time is running low but I hope I can still pull it off).  Anyway, back to book #4.  Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges.  It is awesome.  Not awesome in a nail biting, can't put it down kind of way.  Rather, awesome in a heart examining, dead on, life changing kind of way.

This book takes our daily, more acceptable, subtle sins that we experience and puts them under the microscope.  It is in no way condemning or harsh.  It is merely written to help expose these in our own lives and make us think about how we accept them, justify them, or overlook them.  

I have always hated the saying "Do as I say, not as I do."  It completely turns me off and immediately I think hypocrite.  I think as Christians, we can tend to do that without realizing it.  We are fervently opposed to such things as abortion, murder, stealing, adultery, etc., but when it comes to our own hearts we are filthy and don't think twice about it.  I think that really taints our witnessing opportunities.  Because what is so different about us, besides the fact that we go to church on sundays and maybe a small group or bible study during the week, when the rest of the time, we look the same as everyone else.  We watch the same shows, we spend our money the same way, on and on.

So I love this book because it breaks down the more common acceptable/respectable sins we commit.  Things like impatience, irritability, anger and weeds of anger, anxiety, worldliness, judgmentalism, envy and jealousy (he even differentiates between the 2), and sins of the tongue among others.  

I certainly don't love the fact that I find my heart and attitude in many of these categories of sin, but I do love that God has pierced my little bubble and allowed me to recognize the depth to which I live out some of these, how truly accepted and common they have been in my life.  I'm thankful to have read this book. It has made me more aware of my sin, and allowed me to see myself more accurately, according to God's standard, not this world.  I am even MORE thankful that God gives his Holy Spirit, His word, and the power of Christ to transform us!  So thankful that we don't have to remain in sin, but that we can overcome it.  That is freedom in Christ.  He gives grace to recognize, repent, and live as a new creations.

Obviously, I am no book critic but I do get excited about great books like this one and can't help but share.  So...because I love it so much I would love to get a copy in your hands!  Consider this my first ever blog giveaway!!  You'll just need to leave a comment to this post and a scripture that God is currently teaching you about/using in your life.  I'll pick a winner by Saturday (Oct. 23rd).

Friday, October 15, 2010

Everyday fun

I think it's fair to say that the old cliche "never a dull moment" is true around here.  These girls keeps us laughing all the time.

First, there is Sophie rocking out to Chris Tomlin:
Then, there is Claire and her shoe obsession.  She also loves her own shoes, but the obsession comes with BIG shoes.  She must like the challenge.  By the way, this girl from the age of like 10 months has loved purses and shoes, and already has moments of drama that pale in comparison to what her sister did at that age.  Are we in for it or what?
And of course, some storage bin fun because what would a day be without climbing into something that is not meant for that?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yep, my first ever.  This morning, on my way to bible study no less, I got pulled over.  It stings a little.

For disregarding a stop sign, though in my defense I didn't disregard it, I saw it!  I did more of a rolling-stop...a more natural approach to stopping in my opinion.  I guess according to the law that is considered  slowing down.  Apparently you are supposed to cease all movement of the vehicle??  Who knew!  Ok, I am being a little sarcastic here.

But really, $265????  That is the same fine that one would pay for going 26-30 miles over the speed limit!  I know what I did was wrong, but to put my offense in the same category as going 26-30 miles over the speed limit is a little absurd.  Clearly, I am trying to justify here, and gain some sympathy.  Any is welcome by the way :)   Did I mention this was my first time ever being pulled over, first time getting a ticket???

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life, lately.

Wow, time is going by quickly.  We are officially 6 weeks away from departing San Antonio. Remember the song from Mariah Carey..."you've got me feeling emotions...?"  That pretty much sums up how I feel right now.  I honestly did not expect moving away from here to be in any way difficult or emotional.  From the get go I really just wanted to go back to Kentucky.  But now... now that we know people, we have relationships here, we're seeing God at work here, we're involved in our church, have a small group, our kids have friends they adore, oh it's hard!  But, there is also soooo much excitement to coming back.  See what I mean?  The 2 pinnacles of emotions - the high and the low are happening at the same time.  I guess it was kind of like that when we left last January to come here, but for some reason it seems tougher this time.  When we came we didn't know who are friends would be, how we would be spending weekends, at what church we would be worshipping God, etc.  and now we have to leave all of that.  So bear with me as I am on this little emotional roller coaster.  :)

Where was I?  Oh yeah, on with life lately...

We are full swing in to our fall routine and thriving.  Sophie is still doing ballet, enjoying it and learning more.  I really just LOVE watching her and the other girls try to dance.  They are precious.  Sophie seems to be growing up so much right now.  She now refers to us as Mom and Dad (which by the way, I am not the biggest fan of.  What happened to endearing terms like mommy & daddy??)  

Claire is a toddler.  Did you hear that?  She is a toddler!!!  Sniff sniff...my baby is not really a baby any more.  How did she go from being a little roly poly on the carpet to saying "bye dada"?   She loves doing sign language, she loves to climb, play with her sister, and snuggle with us.  Claire is big on kisses.  Who can resist?  And then she has her less desirable side, like when she holds her breath while crying and turns blue, screams for now reason every now and then, throws her food...but we love her!

As for us, the adults...we are enjoying teaching the 3 year olds sunday school class together.  We are enjoying doing our last outings in San Antonio.  Tonight we are going to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Pappasito's, with one of our favorite couples from here!  We're also trying to get a little taste of fall.  We went to a "pumpkin patch" yesterday.  Ummm, yeah.  It's not quite real fall here, but that's ok.  It has gotten cooler here.  It gets down to about 60 degrees at night.  It is very refreshing.  This morning as I went for a run I was actually cold!!!  Imagine that!

Anyway, that sums things up around here!