Friday, February 19, 2010

The All Encompassing

Even ordinary days have their excitement. Here is some of ours:

First Wave:
Claire started waving the other week. She also started full out moving. Now her favorite activity is eyeing something on the carpet that doesn't look like it should be there (aka crumbs, fuzz, what have you), booking for it and tasting it. Last night I found a piece of carpet fuzz in her mouth, it was so gross!

This week she has been sick, and not a trooper about it either. I think she is on the mend thankfully. Now it looks like it is Mommy and Daddy's turn to be sick. Oh well, at least it is a weekend and we can be sick together!

The Rodeo:
After almost an entire week of rain last week, we ventured to the San Antonio Stock and Rodeo Show on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. It was...a glorified 4-H fair. We had fun. It was a great day to be outside, Sophie loved all the animals. Did I mention that I've never seen so many pick up trucks in one place before? Never. Also my favorite reptile was on display with an exhibit called "Snakes, Snakes, and More Snakes"! If you know me, you can imagine my excitement... Can you believe my disgust when Sophie actually asked to see them, twice? Even though moments earlier when I was taking her to the potty she had just finished telling me how she thought snakes were yucky. Bill was the lucky one to take her to them. I was just freaked out enough by being in the same building as them.

This is what Claire thought of the whole thing:

Sophie at the petting zoo

When I asked Sophie what her favorite part of the rodeo was, she told me her favorite part was getting a sticker. Never mind the animals, or ice!

And who could forget Paczki Day earlier this week? Some of you may know it as Fat Tuesday. Incase you are unfamiliar with beautiful paczki tradition, here is a little blurb. It is my favorite day to celebrate my heritage, or at least Polish food. Anyway, the excitement brewed on Paczki Day Eve. I started googling bakeries in the area that I could call or go to in the morning. And the morning came, and so did a lot of phone calls in which I heard things like "what?", "no, we don't even make those", "huh?". Yep, I didn't expect such rejection! I think I forgot that I was in San Antonio, a city not exactly heavily populated with Poles. So, what's a Polish girl to do? Well, a really motivated girl would have made those. I took the road more traveled, and made an easier Polish fried treat to get me through the day. Chrusciki (angel wings)- basically a crispy fried dough with powdered sugar sprinkled atop. Delicious. Not quite paczki, but I will save that project for another day! By the way, I can say that even the paczki in Hamtramck do not comapre to a homemade one. My grandma makes the BEST paczki.

my chrusciki

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sun where are you?

I'd like to say that lately we've been soaking up beautiful weather and playing outside - but since it's been raining on and on and on...i'll just share some indoor randomness from the last couple of weeks:

First story: I'll start out by saying that since Sophie has been sleeping in a big girl bed she has gotten out of it one time. And it was the very first time I put her in it, and she has not done it since. That was back in April. On to the story. Right after Bill left for work this morning I decided to jump in the shower before the girls woke up. I took my shower, and almost immediately after I turned the shower off, the door knob to the bathroom door started to slowly turn. That gave me just enough time to stop breathing and start playing the horror music in my head. Then I saw a little arm poke through and was greeted by a nonchalant Hi Mommy. I don't think she realized that she had almost killed me on the spot! I think I will be sleeping with a monitor next to my ear as long as there are kids in the house so that I won't have any surprises like that in the middle of the night!

Potty Training=check! Finally, finally, we have made potty progress! Hurray. #1 that is, as #2 has been tackled for months now. Sophie is doing great so far and I hope it keeps up. It is sooooo nice not to have to change enormous & bulky diapers all day long. Of course she is still in them at night, but 1 diaper sure beats a lot :) Speaking of potty reminds me of a question I have -- Sophie insists on having all of her clothes off for going #2 - any thoughts/advice/anything? I just don't get it.

Claire is rocking on all fours. And although not quite crawling she is very good at doing side planks, and mysteriously getting herself to wherever she shouldn't be. It is amazing the difference in these 2 children of ours. At this age Sophie hadn't even rolled over yet (she did the day she turned 9 months). She just sat, a lot. Claire used to sit, but now she just wants to get places - like to the sharp edge of the coffee table, or the computer cord...

How is the sleeping you ask? Currently they are napping in separate rooms so you can only imagine how good it is! All sarcasm aside, night time sleeping is not bad. The naps seem to be worse.

Getting to know the area: We have been regularly attending a storytime at the library where we've met some new people and sophie has enjoyed the stories. That has been nice. I also succumbed to letting Sophie play at the mall play area since the weather has been icky. I say succumbed because I think mall play areas (really any indoor play areas) are disgusting. And this one that we went to was no exception. It smelled like a combination of dog pee and rotten eggs. Along with a smelly play area, the mall offered interesting small talk like a lady who shared with me that she still couldn't get her 2 year old off the boob...(2 things I wanted to tell her were: aren't you the mom? and do you realize that you just made me throw up in my mouth a little?) but anyways.... to each their own I guess.

On a happier note - we seem healthy and we really have sooooo much to be thankful for. I am trying to focus on having a grateful heart and attitude since being here because the Lord has truly been gracious. Even though we may not be surrounded by all the comforts of "home" we still have food to eat, a roof over our heads, bibles that we can freely read, a church that we can worship at, along with a gazillion of other things that we don't even deserve!

Who can resist this cuteness?

Oh how I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this, but little princess would not let me (probably wise for the sake of any dignity). She is wearing one of my work out head bands, her heart shaped sunglasses, sesame street pajamas and white flip flops. It would be perfect as a tabloid cover.

taking turns with our ladies