Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First steps & Mommy's Little Helper

Here are a couple of quick videos of Claire and her new skill of walking! She took her first steps on Saturday, 5 days shy of 11 months. At her age Sophie was just beginning to crawl. Isn't that funny? That just reminds that all babies really ARE different, no need to fret. I wish I would have listened when I got that advice about 2 years ago....it would have saved me from too much wasted time worrying. :)

Anyway, here's the little lady.

Our other wonderful little lady is growing, absorbing so much, loving and serving us! Get this, she puts groceries away without me asking her to. She just picks up a bag that is almost her size, trudges it over to the kitchen, and off she goes putting things away where every they belong. She loves it and gets excited to do it too! I never expected my 2.75 year old to put groceries away but I sure am thankful for such great help.
Also, yesterday I was folding laundry and heard a kitchen drawer open. I figured Sophie was taking kitchen towels out so without looking I told her not to take them out. Then I glanced over only to find her putting freshly folded kitchen towels away. I said: "Wow, Sophie thank you." She replied: "You're welcome, that makes you happy." I almost started crying. It was so sweet.
She seems to be growing and maturing so much lately. She has had less tantrums, has been more patient, kinder, and more obedient. Bill and I have been taking a parenting class (Growing Kids God's Way) and we have definitely seen fruit from implementing godly concepts into our parenting, but I'm more confident that God has been tremendously gracious to us.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strawberries Galore

Yesterday we spent the day in Poteet, TX.  Poteet is famous for their strawberries.  Well, famous around here anyway.  And once a year they celebrate their strawberry-ness by having a huge festival.  They call it the Poteet Strawberry Festival.  Fitting, right?   

It was quite the celebration full of fun, food, and no shortage of carnival...umm...carnival related things and people.  We had fun.  Sophie went on what she called roller coasters  - mind you they were the "baby rides."  Boy, she had fun.  She went from one to the next, asking if she could go again, jumping up and down in lines asking if it was her turn.  Completely beside herself with excitement!  She didn't want to leave.  Thankfully there was no tantrum upon our departure because we told her that when we got home she could see all of the pictures from the festival of her riding the "roller coasters."  As soon as we got home she did just that.  She looked at them over and over and over again.  She giggled with excitement as she reminisced on the fun she had.  And she did it again this morning.  Needless to say, a great time!

Oh, and did I mention we came home with like 20 lbs of strawberries?  Feel free to send me your favorite strawberry recipes :)  especially for jam!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

A walk in the park

Ok, seriously as I am getting to write this blog - I have spent 45 minutes trying to get used to the new blogger templates and all of that. They're great, but I am slow so now I am going to spend the last of my free minutes actually typing a blog! Did anyone catch in there me running out of patience, one child whining and another waking up? Just checking.... :)

Last week we went to a park near our home, where we often go to play, but this time it was extra special because we took a walk around the duck pond and saw so many wonderful things:



Cute kids & playtime fun: