Tuesday, November 24, 2009

they grow so fast

Claire had her 6 month check up today. Oh how time flies. I remember when Sophie was a baby, I couldn't wait to get to the "next" stage. With Claire, I've been reminding myself to slow down and enjoy each stage. But it seems to be going by so fast! She has 2 teeth, she's eating solids, pretty soon she'll be walking off to school. Maybe I have become sappier...but I just don't want her to grow up too fast. So I am going to relish this sweet baby time! I want all of the coos, oohs, and cuddles I can get because before I know it she will be motoring around - not wanting anything to do with being held. Is anyone else crying? Ok, it might just be me :)

This little lady is a peanut. She only weighs 15lbs - at 6 months Sophie was 17lbs! And she continues to be short, only 24.75". The one thing she has been is consistent. Such a sweetie!

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Sweets

There is always so much happening around here that I would like to capture in a blog, but I usually don't! :( So here is my feeble attempt to do that and play catch up at the same time. If nothing else, it will be written record of how beautiful, hilarious, and enjoyable these little ladies are -for when I need the reminder, or just simply can't remember.

Sophie is a plain riot. She has us laughing all of the time. Let me see if I can do any of it justice here.

The Zoo Train: She came up with the idea to play "zoo train" on the landing of our staircase. It started out as us just sitting on the landing, pretending to look out at animals.

"Look Mommy - look at the bear lions!" (huh?)
"Ooh, look at the lion, he has big tooshie" (this came from us being at the real zoo and seeing a gorilla and his very big tooshie, but I don't think she knows that lions don't really have them)
So it went from checking out animals (and their behinds) to eating elephants and zebras. She would get off the train to eat an elephant. And then she invited all of her stuffed animals from her bed to join her on the zoo train (seen here). Creative I guess.

How Bout Something Else:
Each night, before we begin to pray with Sophie, we ask her what she wants to thank God for. Usually she will say: I fank God fo....going to the potty. I fank God fo watching sesame street. (It's all very spiritual). I will typically ask her "ok, how about something else?" Now, she has started saying 1 thing she is thankful for, and then she'll say "how bout something else?" and look at us and laugh knowing that we get a kick out of her just saying "how bout something else." She thinks she is so funny when she does that.

The cutest things she has been doing lately:
When Bill comes home from work, Sophie greets him with "How was your day, Daddy?" Melts my heart. She has also been very kind and polite lately. Saying thank you & you're welcome & please. She's been loving on her sister and giving her kisses and hugs galore. Before bed she likes to give us "big kisses" by grabbing a hold of our faces and placing a smoochie right smack dab on the lip.

Little Claire has been growing lately. Growing teeth that is. 2 of them. Makes me sad. I'm not ready for her to have teeth. She's probably been the crankiest she's ever been (minus the whole witching hour of newborn stage) during this teething time. She's also not taking a bottle, at all. Ahh, oh well I guess the time will pass fast enough. She is still a sweet little thing. Pure sugar these two.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Name that song

Sophie loves to sing songs. Thankfully I can make out most of them because I already know them. However, she comes home from church on Sundays singing this particular song that I just cannot figure out.

And it sounds like "Jesus or bust" or "Jesus a bus" or what I think makes the most sense "Jesus is best"....but I don't know really what it is and it is driving me nuts! Any thoughts on what this song could be? For those from Grace, she is usually in the first service. If I can't figure it out before the week is over, I'll have to catch the workers in her room next Sunday and ask them what they are singing!