Monday, December 7, 2009

What Have I Done???

The other day I was doing my very routine grocery shopping at the local Kroger (that I already don't like for many reasons...) and stumbled upon the large banner hanging outside of the front of the store. It read: "Holiday Evergreens." I looked below the sign and noticed Christmas trees. Then I got ticked. Holiday evergreens? Really? They are CHRISTMAS TREES!!! Surely, if you are buying a tree then it must be for Christmas, not Thanksgiving, New Years, or any other "holiday." Grrr.

So I came home and wrote a lovely note to Kroger saying that I am officially resigning my grocery shopping at all Kroger stores until they do something about this sign. I even gave them my Kroger Customer # and told them they can consider it inactive. BOLD, I know. This means I can't show my face at Kroger, any Kroger, even the nice Kroger stores until they give Christmas the credit it is due.

I realize that I have completely inconvenienced myself (hence the title "What Have I Done?") and now may have to resort to shopping at Walmart since it is second closest, or driving far to Meijer or Whole Foods, but I think it is for a good purpose. I am sick of retailers taking Christmas out of Christmas! This is a purposeful time of year celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Enough is enough. And though I realize that there are MANY more retailers out there doing the same thing, and that I may not tackle all of them, I thought one was a start...especially a grocery store that gets a lot of our business. So there. :)

I will let the blogger world know if I hear back from Kroger. I hope I do.

In the meantime, enjoy some pics of this Christmas season at our house.