Thursday, March 25, 2010

That One

At least once each day I think about whether or not we will have more the other day I decided to ask Sophie her opinion.

Me: "Sophie, would you like to have more brothers or sisters?"

Sophie's very matter of fact response: "No, I just want that one." (as she points to Claire like she's picking out a piece of meat at the deli counter)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

9 Months and Then Some

I had all intentions of blogging about Claire's 9 month milestone when she actually turned 9 months, but somewhere between sicknesses, family visits, and every day life we are now a few short days from her turning 10 months. Go figure. Praise God that she is a healthy and growing baby. And I say that with full gratitude to God because lately it seems like I have seen or heard of a lot of suffering. Whether it is listening to a sermon on suffering, hearing about someone suffering, following the blog of a family in the midst of losing a baby or a mother - it is inevitably everywhere as we live in this sin cursed world. So I am thankful for God's grace of health in our lives at this time because it will not likely always be so.

So Claire, almost 10 months, went from little peanut to little chubbers. She weighed 18.5 lbs at her last visit and is now even in the 50th percentile for height! She has been crawling for a while now, pulls herself up, will even walk from her little activity table to a chair (holding on of course). She loves to crawl in spaces that are not all that conducive for crawling - like the exersaucer, under a coffee table, or under the seat of a kitchen chair which she always gets stuck in but always goes back for more. So much for the "if they do it once they won't do it again" theory. She continues to put everything in her mouth. Everything. She loves her table foods and I'm pretty certain she could just eat all day long. I am going to enjoy this phase of her eating well. I pray it lasts so that we won't have 2 picky eaters! She really is our sweet, precious blue eyed baby!

Speaking of our picky eater, she is funny as ever, dramatic as ever, growing little girl. The other week I asked her how old she would be on her next birthday and she told me "seventeen". I almost started crying. That will all come too soon! Tonight she told me that she just wanted to make farts on the toilet. Oh... dear... That comes from the Logozzo side by the way. :) There are some positive things to tell too of course - like her drawing skills. I may be a little biased here, but she can draw people!!! People with hair, and eyes, a mouth, and sometimes even an ear or 2. I'm impressed! She is also currently obsessed with sea animals. I think going to Sea World has something to do with that. Her current favorite song is Baby Beluga and if you ask her what her favorite whale is she will tell you very enthusiastically -- A KILLER WHALE!!!
Sophie's art:

A couple of weeks ago, Bill got Sophie flowers. It was super sweet and she loved them! Getting her to take a picture with them was another story - she HATES getting her picture taken, but we managed one.

Bill and I are doing well too. We've really been enjoying getting to know people at our new church here in San Antonio. God has blessed us with some new friendships, a parenting class & more. Bill's job is busy and he loves the work he is doing. And yes, we still love Toyota even with all of the craziness lately! I have been really enjoying routine lately. I like...well...normal things - cooking, shopping, play dates, working out, consistent times of Bible reading and prayer. Good things. Blessings. Thank you Lord.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Visit

Last week my mom and brother flew in to enjoy a long weekend with us. We had a great time and did a lot of fun things!

Saturday: Corpus Christi
We rented a van for the weekend (which was waaaay convenient I admit) and drove about 2.5 hours south to visit the Gulf of Mexico. It turned out to be a gorgeous day - we all enjoyed dipping our feet in the sand & water, delicious ice cream, and a good dose of vitamin D!

Sunday: SeaWorld
We live really close to SeaWorld so I have been anticipating its opening day. Sophie has been talking about SeaWorld and Shamu for a while now the point where each day she would ask things like: Is Seaworld open yet? When is Shamu's birthday? And even "does shamu wear underwear?" Needless to say, she was excited about going to SeaWorld!
So we went, and we all surprisingly had a great time! I was actually a little shocked at how entertaining it had turned out to be. The shows were great, there was a play area for younger kids, and Sophie went on her first roller coaster -- the shamu express! She was excited to go on it, but lets just say that she wasn't interested in going again afterwards. We ended up purchasing a season pass to SeaWorld and I am excited to make frequent visits there. I hear that they have a great water play area for kids once it gets hot....and here it will be hot before we know it!

Bill and Sophie waiting in line for the Shamu Express :)

Monday: River Walk
Monday we spent a relaxing afternoon in downtown San Antonio...sipping coffee at starbucks, strolling along the paths of the riverwalk, and enjoying some good mexican cuisine! And Tuesday they left :(

Here's a random pic of Sophie sporting my mom's curlers - cute eh?

Now don't you want to come visit? ? :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Helper

Claire was sick last week, and I mean sick! 104 degree fevers, cranky, snotty, you name it. It was a bit rough for all of us (not to mention mommy was sick too). I certainly feel more compassion for families who deal with sick kiddos. Who knew a simple ear infection or virus could be so debilitating? Not to mention cutting some new teeth too :) Sophie never really got too sick as a baby so this was my first go at it. I pray it won't happen again for a while!

Thankfully I had a little help from Sophie. Look at her mommy-like skills in feeding her sister!