Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A slug no more!

She's crawling! Yay, just shy of 11 months Sophie takes her first crawl.

Then & Now

Same towel, same baby girl, just 11 months between the 2 pictures.

Our little pet...err baby?

I'm assuming most parents at some point treat their children like a pet, right? For example, when a child learns to do something new, you ask them to do it, and of course to do it in front of other people to show off their new tricks. Well, we like to do it too, and in front of the camera! (No worries though, we haven't resorted to giving her treats after she does a little trick.) In this flick you'll see Sophie clapping her hands, showing us "1", and almost crawling.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sophie Hugs

Sophie loves to give hugs, but they're not very personal. Maybe she's not a touchy feely kind of gal. If you ask her for a hug, she cocks her head to the side, and shrugs her shoulder to make a "hug." It's very sweet, it's just not very cuddly or intimate :) We're not even sure how her hugging started! Here's a little clip of it:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great Lakes, Great Times, & more

Our trip to Michigan went really well and was very enjoyable! Sophie did well on both car rides despite her supposed ear infection. I say supposed because both times I've taken her in to the doctor, the doctor has said that one ear is "beginning" to look red. I guess I should believe him. I took Sophie in this time the morning before we left because she had been coughing quite a bit and had a runny nose. So the doctor prescribed an antibiotic and on we went.

It was overall great to be with my family in Michigan, though we actually didn't spend time on any lakes! It was nice to drive by lakes though, something we don't have in Northern Kentucky! I

'll have to admit, it was nice not having to cook, grocery shop or do laundry. It was like a mini vacation. Sophie still had her stranger anxiety and was definitely glued to me the whole time we were there so I couldn't pawn her off as easily ;)

Some highlights from the past week:

Caribou Coffee is soooo delicious, and they don't have any around here! Had to get my share in C-town!

-The Red Wings win the Stanley Cup!!! It was exciting for me to be in Michigan to experience all of the hype and anticipation as they went on to win their 4th cup in 11 years!

-David's High School Graduation
Congrats to David for making it this far, now it's on to U of M Flint for a new adventure.

All in all it was fun, but it is great to be home as well. This week Sophie has enjoyed her new pool (thanks to the Spences for inspiring this great idea). She has also gotten up on all 4's which is new for her. Yay, she's making progress!

Last night she did something that scared me: she swallowed the tip of a plastic fork last while she eating watermelon from it at our small group cook out. She bit off the tip and then screamed a few seconds later, I'm guessing when she actually was swallowing it. I called the doctor about this and because it was so small they told me it should pass, but to watch her. So I've been watching! She seems fine so far thankfully.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Days

I noticed I hadn't written in a while, which is not good for a new blogger. I wouldn't want to fall off of the blogging train! We've had a great last couple of weeks here. Lots of enjoyable weather, taste of Cincinnati, dinners with awesome friends, birthdays and birthday parties, a trip to the zoo (our first in Cincy), and plenty of laughs and smiles from Sophie. Not to mention sleeping in from Sophie as well! The last 2 days she has slept past 7am which is big news around here!

This week we are taking off to Michigan to celebrate my brother David's high school graduation. Sophie and I will be driving by ourselves to Michigan tomorrow and Bill will meet us there on Friday. Hopefully the trip will go well!

here are some pics & video from the last couple of weeks!