Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She's 2!

I am still having a hard time believing that my baby is 2, I think I had the same problem when she turned 1 last year.  I can't continue to be in denial every year, right?  They're just so precious at each stage, I want to savor it - except for the less than precious moments, those I want to erase...mostly because I end up seeing my ugliness and sinful self in it!

But I press on, to celebrate Claire!  She's 2 years old,  27lbs, and I can't quite remember her height but her pediatrician thinks she'll be anywhere from 5'4" to 5'6."  Apparently, you can figure out how tall a person is going to be by doubling their height at age 2, plus or minus an inch.  Didn't think you'd learn something here on my blog, did you?  :)  Or am I the only one who didn't already know that?  Don't answer that.

She's a fun loving little lady.  She continues her umbrella obsession.  She got one for her birthday and don't you dare pick it up, or there will be a scream of "miiiiiiiiine" coming from those sweet little lungs.  :)  She is a little obsessive and possessive with her umbrella, clearly an idol of hers.  She loves to dance, and will dance around the room saying "dance pawty, dance pawty"...it's kinda hilarious.  She is a girl on the go go go.  Really, she has a lot of energy.   She can also be really sweet and tender hearted at moments but mostly she's just running around all the time!  Can you see my yawns through your computer as I write?  It's hard keeping up with an energetic 2 year old!!  :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter & Raindrops

I know it was over a week ago, but I didn't want to forget the nice Easter we had!  And since I don't blog often enough, I have to couple posts together :)

Amidst all the rain, we enjoyed quality time with Bill's parents who flew in to see us.  As I mentioned there was a lot of rain, and accompanying  the countless raindrops was a lot of chocolate.  Man, we ate a lot of chocolate.  Overall, it was a nicely paced weekend - we really enjoyed it all.

Why can't we get 1 picture where everyone is looking in the same direction??

And speaking of raindrops, Claire is currently obsessed with the song "if all the raindrops." And along with the song obsession, she likes to carry this little umbrella around, and when she is watching the raindrops video (it's a terribly made silly songs video) she puts the umbrella over her head.  Isn't it a funny coincidence that she loves this song while we are enjoying so. much. rain?
Looking at the rain filled river from Eden Park

She calls her umbrella "my wain-dops"