Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleeping Beauty and her happy Big Sister

Claire is currently a bit more of a night owl (though not terrible by any means) but during the day we spend a lot of time sleeping! Yes, that includes me! I love napping opportunities :) If it wasn't for the pain of the c-section, I'd feel great! I was way more exhausted the first time around during this stage, but not in as much pain. Ouch for repeat c-sections!

And don't you just love her smiling big sister?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our newest addition

Claire Elizabeth Logozzo made her entrance into the world yesterday morning (May 22nd) at 8:43am. She weighed 7lbs, 1oz and was 19" long. We are so blessed to have this little beauty and so excited for Sophie to have a little sister!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

Stinker! Sophie thought it was so funny that I was calling her a stinker, she was cracking super hard so I had to take a little video.

Before I forget about them, I wanted to share some funny things that Sophie did last week:

One morning I went to get her out of bed, and her diaper had leaked. So I changed her diaper, left it rolled up on the floor, and moved on to changing her sheets. She noticed the diaper laying there, picked it up and said "yucky." She headed to the bathroom with the diaper and I really thought she was going to throw it way without me having to ask her!!! And then I hear a big splash. Oops, it landed in the toilet rather than the trash. I couldn't help but laugh, and then kindly explained that only toilet paper goes into the toilet.

When we came back from our walk today, Sophie was in the garage pointing to the cars. She pointed to Bill's car and said "daddy car." She pointed to my car and said "Sissy's car." Sissy is what she calls herself. Apparently it is her car, not mine. :)

I was getting her ready for bed one night and yelled downstairs for Bill. Bill came up and nonchalantly Sophie said "hi bill" several times. Funny little girl. She has been chatting up a storm lately and I imagine things will only get funnier with her!

Also, here is the latest belly pic: only 5 days to go!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Snow Storm

So I recognize that a snow storm is probably not quite the same as having another baby, but somehow it seems right to equate the two. I don't think I experienced this when I was pregnant with Sophie, but I have this major sense of urgency to be prepared! This is where the snow storm analogy comes in: usually when there is word of a big storm coming, people go nuts! The grocery stores become packed with panicked people and all of the staples vanish quickly! They feel the need to stock up because they think they will be stuck in their homes for months... I've always laughed at these panicky people. Until I became one. Yes, I now feel the urgency to buy everything in 2's, I need to have at least a couple of months supply of essential paper products, laundry detergent, diapers, wipes, frozen goodies, etc. However, I unlike the snow storm people, really won't be getting out of the house for months! Scary thought, but I am trying to prepare myself for the fact that it will be close to impossible to leave the house for a while with a newborn and a toddler. So I might as well do it while I can, right?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hmm...second wind or nesting?

Ok, I wasn't lying in my last post about all of my prego feelings and tiredness. However, this week I have had a terrific week of feeling great and tons of energy! Where did this come from? The super natural strength and grace of God, could be my only answer. We trekked through the zoo on Tuesday, had a big grocery trip on Wednesday, baked amazing chocolate chip cookies, did all of my laundry, washed, folded, and organized the baby's clothes, and stayed up til 11:30pm that night waiting for Bill to get home. Yesterday we had a nice play date with some friends in the morning, did some ironing (I loathe ironing), and today we went to see butterflies at the Krohn Conservatory, had lunch with friends, and I made a little side trip to the Gap. That was big. Praise God for all that he allowed me to do this week, it was such a blessing! Here are a few pics from the conservatory. Sophie wasn't really all that into the butteflies. Maybe next year. Oh, and the pic of the orchid on my header - I took that with my new camera, I was very excited!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

You know it's close!

Tomorrow will mark the glorious 36 weeks for me, and man am I feeling it. I don't recall feeling so done with Sophie at this stage, but that is probably because I just can't remember very well! Let me tell you, all of that stuff about feeling good, that is out the door. I am now the cranky prego lady! A few reasons why this pregnancy is nearing its end:

- Forget bending over. That is no longer an option. If I miss putting something in the garbage can or something falls on the floor, I just hope it will find its way into proper storage someway somehow. Thankfully Sophie is helpful and can pick things up for her Mama.

- My "power" naps have now become "at least an hour" naps. I shamelessly admit this and will milk it while I can - which only amounts to about 18 days.

- I feel like I am constantly wearing the tightest pair of jeans, but really it's just my huge belly. Sitting doesn't feel good. Standing relieves this pressure but I can only stand so long before my lower back starts to ache. Lying down is ok...that is until my hip starts to burn from all of the pressure it receives. And so goes the story.

- I made a to do list this week. It had 3 things on it and I don't plan on expanding it.

- I now strut a nice waddle.

- I gained 4 lbs in 13 days.

- I randomly declare myself on bed rest for those overly exhausting moments.

- I don't want to go shopping anymore. At first, with moving and everything going on, I really wanted to get out and get stuff for the house and what not (which is still a fun idea) but the thought of going to the mall or making a "special" trip for things that I just want but aren't a dire need, it ain't happenin.

Still, all in all, I can't complain. God has been gracious to me! I could truly be on bed rest, or have ridiculously high blood pressure, or a million of other things and I am fine. So I'll just grin and bear it for a couple more weeks!