Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun in the Snow, sort of.

It actually snowed a little today here! We enjoyed watching the big, thick flakes come down and thought it would be a good time to take Sophie outside to play in the snow as a primer for our upcoming trip to Park City. It wasn't all sunshine and roses though, actually no sunshine or roses for that matter. Sophie was not a big fan of putting on her snowpants or snow boots which led to a bit of fussing. And when we actually got outside to play in the snow, there really wasn't very much snow at all! She did like the actual snow though, but was probably more intrigued by an airplane that flew by. She asked for more airplane. Here a a couple of pics of our little penguin and her daddy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday, Belly, and more

So many things to catch up on! I guess that is what happens when you don't blog as often! :)

First, yesterday was Bill's 27th Birthday! We had a nice sunday of going to church, watching a little football and having dinner with friends! My favorite part had to be his birthday cake. It was a lovely creation by an amazing baker from our church. Desserts of Distinction is the name of her company if you ever need a fabulous cake, or fabulous cookies, pretty much everything she makes is fabulous!

Next, here is a 20 week belly pic of me and baby #2. I can't believe how big I am getting already!!! We had our ultrasound a few weeks ago and again decided not to find out the gender. We are excited for the big surprise. Sophie likes to say hi to the baby and give it kisses when prompted.

And thirdly, what is new with our little Sophie?
A few highlights:
- She is officially down to one nap and has adjusted pretty well. She typically will sleep 2-3 hours which is nice for me. I try to sneak a nap in there too :)
- She is starting to put words together like, "Hi Dada" or "Help Mama" instead of just one word. Very exciting to hear her talk more!
- Last week she managed to dial 911 with my cell phone while the key pad was locked! Amazing what kids can do! It was pretty funny when she realized that she had actually dialed someone and heard a voice on the other end, she said "uh-oh." Thankfully the 911 operator was very forgiving.
- She is obsessed, I repeat obsessed, with Elmo and Pooh. She wants to watch them all of the time and asks for Elmo or Pooh about a 100 times a day. She often starts crying and whining when she doesn't get her way. That has been less than fun to deal with!
- She is also really into sitting. Either on the stairs, a stool, or a little chair. She loves to sit down! So funny.
- She loves to read! Her current interests include Five Little Monkeys and Curious George that Gramma bought her for Christmas. She likes to jump along with the monkeys. :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Big Dipper

First, can I just say that I like titling blogs and making them a little extra cheesy? It's the little things in life.

Anyway, the big dipper in this story is not the striking arrangement of stars in the heavens, but it is in fact our daughter. She is totally into dipping. Give her a sauce and she will dip just about anything in it. If it weren't for dips (particularly ketchup) she would eat incredibly less which means she would eat practically nothing. Here are a couple of interesting items that have been dipped in ketchup:

1. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which she ate willingly with the ketchup on it.
2. A kernel of corn. The best part is, though, that at first she dipped the kernel of corn, licked off the ketchup, and used the single kernel of corn to be dipped again.

All I have to say is: thank you Heinz.

Other dips she enjoys but is not limited are: ranch dressing, caesar dressing, maple syrup, jam, salsa, bbq sauce, etc.

Now you may be thinking that she is a festive little eater, but do not be fooled, she does mostly dipping and licking and forgoes the food with substance! How do I get this child to eat??? As much fun as dipping is, it would be nice if she actually ate. Help. She has become so picky, but hopefully this is just a phase....?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bad Blogger

Hi, I am a bad blogger. I've really had no motivation to blog, but here is my first attempt for 2009. I of course want to share all of our wonderful happenings from the holiday season, but it will have to be mostly in words because I left our camera at home as we went to Michigan. I hate when that happens.

One of our sweetest gifts was having Bill's mom here for several days before we left for Michigan. It was her Christmas present from Bill's dad but it was a gift to us to have her here! Sophie enjoyed her time with Gramma (or Bapa as she liked to call her). We had fun shopping, eating, celebrating and enjoying the Krohn conservatory. We do have some pictures of our time together because unlike me, Gramma remembers to bring her camera along!

We also had a great time in Michigan being with my family. It was nice to see all of my grandmas, cousins and other extended family. We had the traditional meatless Polish Christmas Eve dinner full of fried everything (minus the soup). I believe Sophie enjoyed ketchup that evening with some french fries. She seemed very overwhelmed by the chaos of opening gifts, and just wanted to play with one thing at a time, typically wrapping paper or a box, go figure.

We also enjoyed seeing many friends on this trip. It was wonderful to see good friends that we rarely get to spend time with. We were in Michigan for a total of one week, and when we returned we were not done with the festivities! We headed to the festival of lights at the zoo and enjoyed time with friends there, and the funnel cakes too! We also made our second attempt at the Live Nativity at the Creation Museum and it was much better this time. The first time we went we did not read our schedule very well and there was nothing to see! Oops. This time made up for it though. We did nothing for New Year's Eve for the first time in who knows how long, and it felt great! Sleep is a gem when you have a young child. Why stay up when you don't have to?

That sums up our fun! It was all so great, but we are ready to get things rolling in this new year.