Monday, August 30, 2010

Ramble On

In Led Zeppelin fashion, here i go:

Tonight I made seared rainbow trout, roasted asparagus, quinoa tabouleh, and sweet potato fries for dinner.  And then I made tapioca pudding, and ate it.  It goes against everything I believe...dessert/dairy/fat.  It ruined my healthy dinner.  Now I feel bloated and disgusted thinking about Proverbs 23:2 "and put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony"....but I press on.

It goes without saying, but I can't believe it is the end of August.  That means t-less than 3 months until we are back in Kentucky.  I am trying not to get too excited but thoughts of going back take over sometime.  I picture us playing in the backyard, out front chatting with neighbors, wearing coats, listening to our wildly enthusiastic pastor, using my kitchenaid mixer (AHH the excitement is boiling), getting out the crock pot, having more than one cookie sheet....oh I could go on but I will stop.  Really, we are enjoying our time here.  

So back to it being the end of August.  August was a busy and fun month.  I traveled with the girls to Michigan for a week to visit my family.  One of my cousins who lives in Poland was in town so it was great to see him as it had been 6 years since I last saw him.  It was a great family visit, it seemed like most days we were hanging out with family here or there.  We returned on a Tuesday and on Wednesday morning Bill's mom arrived to spend a week with us here.  Bill's dad joined us for the weekend.  Props to my in-laws for wanting to come to Texas in late August!  It was HOT.  

We spent 2 days doing some short road trips to visit a couple of unique towns.  One was Fredericksburg, and the other Bandera.  Bandera is the self proclaimed cowboy capital of texas, or maybe the world? I don't know.  The lunches we had were great, the towns were ok...kind of rustic/ghost town-ish/cowboy-esque...but overall it was good to see something other than a  walmart or target at every exit on the highway.  The nicest parts of our trips were the drives.  We took some scenic routes and they did not disappoint!  Beautiful hills, a sparkling bright blue lake, and more really surprising scenic hills. Who knew that Texas had such beautiful natural landscapes?  Sophie also got to have her first "sleep over" with Nana and Papa in their hotel.  She got to sleep on the sofa bed and boy was she excited about that.  So excited, she wanted to go the following night.  And every time we drive by that hotel - she fondly reminisces, half excited and half sad "Look, Nana & Papa's hotel!"   We also took them to SeaWorld.  Will I ever write a post that doesn't include seaworld in it?  It was fun, but it was hot.  And quite honestly I've had my fill. The crowds are insane, people flock that place like it is a gold mine.  I say that though knowing we will probably go just one more time before the water park closes for good.  

So anyway, that was August.  We're now moving on into our fall schedule. I love how a new season can bring a fresh schedule and some new structure into our weeks.  I am looking forward to it, and hoping not to get jealous of places that will actually have a real fall season.