Monday, February 7, 2011

You know you're sick...

 Us logozzo girls are sick.  Have been sick.  Continue to be sick.  We are going on week 4 of sicknesses.  If it's not one of us, it's all of us!  Currently, it's all of us.  And it has been sneaky - this virus/infection/cold -whatever it is.  It brings you down for a couple of days, you think you feel better, then BAM!  It hits you again.  Boo, to all of it.  So here's my little list of "you know you've been sick for too long when"...

-  It's special movie time, again.  And again.

- You choose tea in the morning over your beloved cup of coffee.

- A chai tea latte was a NEED today.  No ifs or buts about it.

- There are medicine droppers and cups constantly in your sink.

- Your method for disciplining the kids goes no further than "a look."

- Your kids have a favorite room at the doctor's office.

- You walk out of the doctor's office disappointed that it's just a virus that has to work itself out because   you really wanted antibiotics for them.

- Your daughter (who hasn't napped regularly since last spring) has been faithfully taking naps, sometimes even twice a day.

- Laundry day is always on Monday.  On this Monday, I hope to get through one load.  I'll count that as success.

The upside of it all is extra snuggles, time at home, and a really cute/clever 3 year old who will say things like "I think a movie will really cheer up my heart."  And though we tell her happiness is NOT what we're after, I think it might be special movie time, again.  :)