Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Lots of exciting things are happening around here.

First, we celebrated Sophie's birthday.  She is 4!!  I say this every time she has a birthday, but seriously it is so fun to watch her grow into a little girl. We celebrated with a pink themed party.  Pink treats, pink drinks, and the girls had to wear something pink.  We had so much fun with her little party.

Then, we took a fun trip to Michigan.  The highlight of the trip was having a surprise birthday party for my Grandma who turned 80.  She is such a sweet and giving woman and for once it was so wonderful to give back a little, and celebrate her!  Along with that, we spent time with my aunt and uncle from Poland who we only get to see every other year or so.  We also did some other fun things, like the Detroit Zoo, Buddy's Pizza (which, if you know my love for Jets, well this is just a teency bit better).  Ahh, mouth watering already!  In the town that Bill and I went to high school,  there is also a great spot to get ice cream, except that it reeks of cow manure.  It's called Cooks Farm Dairy, and well, you guessed it - it is a dairy farm and it smells, but the ice cream is exceptional!  Why are my posts always about food???  But really, it was fun to take the girls there.  They loved seeing the cows and some pigs up close.  Claire liked it so much she had no problem trying to pet them, smelly or not.

Lets move on to other news, Sophie started preschool last week.  She loves it!  When she came home the first day, she didn't seem overly thrilled.  When asked, what was your favorite part?  Her reply: leaving.  Great, I thought.  However, since then she has really really come to like it.  Today she asked why she couldn't go every day and for full days?  I guess being home with Claire and I is a lot less exciting than preschool!

  And there is one last bit of excitement to share, one that involves some tiredness, waves of nausea, a popping belly...that's right, the blessing of pregnancy.  We are excited and thankful for the opportunity to bring another life into the world,  Lord willing, at the end of March 2012.  If you think of us, please pray for the growing life and the growing family.


Lee and Candace said...

Paulina!!! Yay!!! How exciting! Definitely will be praying for you in these first "fun" months! How great about Sophie loving preschool too. She looks so adorable in her uniform!

running shoes said...

Yay!!!!! Such wonderful news! You must have prayed a similar prayer since we're due the same month ;0)

The Summer has sure flown by, I can't believe how grown up both your girls look.

Miss you!

the ashley family said...

Another sweet Logozzo baby on the way - how exciting indeed. That was top-of-the-page worthy! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

!!!Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. :)

diana said...

Congratulations to you and your adorable family! I don't know how I didn't see this until now. I'm so happy for you.